David Browne, Software Development Team Leader

Jerry’s wisdom and experience helped me to understand the importance of putting a process in place to help groom leaders for the longevity of a company. A message I’ve heard before and now thanks to him have experienced and truly understand. His ability to present complex concepts to me in such a simple, logical manner really shows his level of mastery. 

Sean Crean – SE Region Lighting Manager, WESCO Distribution

Jerry’s gift is in reaching the individual person and providing them with the confidence of belief and faith in the direction of a collective vision.  He provides this foundation of success by enlightening others through his superlative integrity, his passion for people, and his ability to inspire individuals to greatness by surpassing their singular potential.  In a business world where one engages with thousands of personalities, few possess the ability to produce a seismic change in one’s own self awareness, Jerry Rudiak is one of those few.

Alan Hahn – Founder, Iron Academy

Wisdom, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Jerry Rudiak.  That’s the highest honor I can pay a man and is a rare quality indeed.  As the founder and leader of an academy devoted to preparing young men for a life of leadership, self discipline and service I consider partnership with Jerry Rudiak, and Fortis an imperative.

Pete Todd, Vice President, North American and European Sales

Jerry is a strong hands-on leader who has impacted both our customers and internal stakeholders. Under his leadership, his high performance teams have become a competitive advantage for us in winning business. A leader by example, Jerry’s insights are sought after, and his integrity, passion and commitment are widely admired.

Brian Totten, Sr. Field Applications Engineer

Jerry brings out the best in those around him. Jerry has superior leadership skills and an extremely keen perceptiveness. He sets a very high bar for himself in everything that he tackles, and this zeal is absolutely contagious.  Jerry is a rare combination of a communicator par excellence with a savvy and nimble technical mind….  If you have the opportunity to work with Jerry, seize it.

Chris Youman, Sr. Account Executive at IHS

Jerry developed and led a world class global engineering and support organization with very high standards; truly the best I’ve worked with during my career. The excellence carried by he and his team was a direct contributor to my own account success. He possesses a unique and confident leadership style which I have seen become the benchmark for other organizations, and which I try to emulate in my own career. Jerry brings these qualities to the organization, and to individuals and groups he mentors, in a “service” oriented manner which makes he and his team a pleasure to work with.

Jason Jones, Co-Founder/General Manager, Prosper Investments

It is with my highest possible endorsement that I recommend Jerry Rudiak to both clients and other entrepreneurs. Jerry possesses a singularly rare trait in modern times…absolute genuineness and integrity. With Jerry, you get the real deal. He is both completely honest and lives and conducts his life and business affairs with the utmost sense of personal ethics. He is someone who is constantly ready to help.

Michael Ker, CEO, Acceleration Leadership

Jerry is a strong, authentic leader. He is driven to excel and works to bring his people into alignment to exceed company objectives. Equally valuable to any size company from a start up organization to a large enterprise; Jerry has an incredible work ethic and focus. His loyalty and values-based leadership inspires his team to give their all and work together for a common goal: success.