Maximizing review process impact

The yearly review is one of the single most critical times for any company. It is a time where managers and direct reports can speak frankly and openly about the long term vision of the company and how the employee fits into that plan. It is an opportunity for the employees to open up about frustrations and challenges and it is an opportunity for the manager to show the employee that they are more than a number. Done correctly, the employee should be able to leave with a clear vision and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, inspired to reach higher and the manager should be able to understand what they can do better or differently to help his team be more successful.

Unfortunately, this precious time to calibrate an organization has become a time of frustration and inconvenience for most companies. Overworked managers are further tasked with reviewing teams with yet another process and in a time that always seems most inconvenient.

We at Fortis understand. We have experience in building healthy teams in some of the most time constrained and aggressive environments in industry. We believe the manager employee alignment that comes from our authentic leadership principles improves the effectiveness of your review process. Whether it is in giving and collecting 360 feedback or in the formal appraisal process, our leaders are in synch with their team and know going into the process what needs to be addressed to create a healthy team. For our leaders, 360 feedback serves as confirmation, not revelation.