Building a healthy team

Having a healthy team is crucial to overcoming the obstacles and challenges that present business today. Whether it’s in developing a strategy to break into a new market or in the manufacturing of a component, teams as a collective of group insights and experience, are much more capable of overcoming challenges than individuals. However, the ability to harness the power of the team is becoming lost in the IT age.  Furthermore, today there is a fresh infusion of young first-line and mid-level managers that have not been trained in the area of developing and maintaining healthy teams, free of dysfunction and politics.

We at Fortis bring the time tested and honored skills of building healthy teams with a fresh approach to the unique challenges presented today through accelerated schedules and communication gaps from the information technology age. We train your managers how to understand the strengths of their team members, and how to manage and lead the team in a non-threatening way that engenders creativity, passion and loyalty. Furthermore we train your leaders how to see deeper into the future needs of the organization and how proper staffing of his or her team fits into this strategy.