Fortis is a Leadership Management Consulting firm that is passionate about helping your company achieve success. We specialize in developing authentic leaders at every level of your organization because we know increasing leadership depth is the key to create a company culture that breeds success now and in the future. The benefits of this authentic leadership training are seen in increased organizational efficiency, increased employee passion and throughput and increased talent retention and acquisition. We provide 3 dimensions of service that are customized to your needs.

 One-on-One Success & Leadership Training

What got you to this level, may not be enough to take you to the next level. For senior level executives through frontline managers, we offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Mr. Jerry Rudiak, a recognized leader in building and leading global high-tech and industrial organizations. Using our “Service” based authentic leadership model, and coupling it with our “12 Universal Success Principles”, our success coaching sessions can be either 1 or 2x monthly and help develop the Fortis leadership principles as well as success principles in novice managers and senior executives alike. Our clients are amazed at the speed and impact these principles have on their lives both professionally as well as personally.

 On Site: Group Leadership Management & Success Training

What makes Fortis unique is the delivery of leadership and success training customized according to your company’s specific needs and industry. Our one-day or two-day success and leadership workshops can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization.  Startups are given different plans of action than large-cap companies. High-tech companies are offered different approaches than retail companies. We position ourselves to uniquely address the needs of clients, regardless of their industry or size.


Fortis offers consulting service to evaluate company performance in areas of leadership, organizational development, communication style, manager development, process efficiency, talent recruiting and retention and overall company culture. We also offer expertise in areas of crystalizing and communication of the company vision, developing a strong value proposition and strategic customer engagement. We deliver to you an in-depth report on findings coupled with customized leadership training recommendations and recommended action steps for improvement.