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Directional Influence

Many people are talking today about authentic leadership. We believe that most of what is being talked about relates to being an authentic leader. However, we at Fortis see most descriptions of authentic leadership do not nearly go deep enough to explain the true meaning of authentic leadership. The Fortis defined authentic leader is rare [...]

4 Levels of Leadership, Part 2 of 2

Read Part 1 In Part 1, we examined the life of the young leader. We looked at his or her development from a life of frustration due to not being able to express themselves in a meaningful way to influence change, and then observed their transition into the first layers of management and positions of [...]

4 Levels of Leadership, Part 1 of 2

Read Part 2 I have observed that there are 4 levels of leadership and every leader is in one of these stages. I find that understanding these various stages of leadership helps the novice leader and seasoned leader alike. A thorough understanding of these principles will help the organization move into and remain in a [...]